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"73 years old smoked lots of joints in the old days. Have not smoked pot for years. Recently started again. Bought a loaded vap pen, tried a bong, bought a dry herb vape pen. Just tried the PerfectPipe. Throat did not burn, and I got really loaded, same weed, very small amount that I hit and got wasted. Can't believe the difference in the high. Also thanks for the advice on not hitting till pipe is lit and the other tips you gave. I will recommend this PerfectPipe to smokers I know. Thank you so much."
"I would like to say that the PerfectPipe is AMAZING! I have been using the little glass pipe with it's unique filter system for about 8 months. Been smoking good herb for decades. This is the best little invention, beats vaping, beats the water pipes and other pipe systems including my old standard miser sized wooden pipe. The amount of coughing and throat clogging etc. has diminished dramatically. I am so glad I discovered the PerfectPipe! Can't say enough but 5 stars. In addition the proprietors are very nice and friendly and provide excellent service shipping and billing etc."
Tom in Milwaukie
"What a great little pipe! I've tried them all: vapes, oil pipes, bubblers, joints, etc; but this is my favorite. Easy to use and clean. I got a 10 pack so I always have a clean one ready and the cleaning kit allows me to clean several at once."
Old retired lady
"It has been great using your pipe! I wanted to test if it wasn't my imagination so my friends and I tried a water pipe and the Perfect Pipe back to back. Not a cough on yours, and tons of coughs on the bong. Congrats on making suck a great product. It really does conserve product too!"
"Ordered the 2 pipe travel kit and received it to Canada in about a week. Great customer service. Nice little carrying case for them...very convenient for pre-loading and travel. When used as directed, it doesn't take long to get used to the draw required. 4-5 moderate draws per bowl was about right. Those looking for the big bong hits will be disappointed...short and slow is the way to go with this. This is a high quality little pipe that works very well. Changing filters and screens is simple and the unit is very easy to clean with the supplied kit. Supplies much smoother hits when used properly. One of the best designs for the price. I'm a retiree, and filtered smoke is very important to me for health reasons. There was no reduction in THC/CBD levels noticed. My go to pipe now for quick, clean, smooth hits."
Scott from Canada
"I am SO IMPRESSED. IMO this has "Genius Pipe" beat by far. I have not coughed, my flower tastes good, nice and smooth. I'm very impressed. I have spent a fortune on vaporizers and while I know this is a pipe and what the difference is, I really like this better. Thanks for creating this, and thank you for making it affordable. I might be your biggest fan at the moment. It lasts longer too, another plus. Thanks for this nifty gadget, you guys rock."
"The name PerfectPipe was a very good one. I have been smoking Cannabis for over 50 years. I have to find a smoother way to do it. A filter seems a no brainier. I used to wad up cotton and put it in my metal pipe. Well, now they have the answer. The good news is, every puff is smooth and cures the cough."
Vic L.
"The PerfectPipe and Accessories pack that I recently purchased is the best thought out and designed pipe and smoking system I've ever seen. It's very compact, durable, efficient and just easy and fun to use. And it contains everything you could possibly need or want in a pipe travel pack. Place a new filter in the bottom of the pipe, your favorite smoke in the top, light and enjoy! Every aspect of using this pipe is easy, well thought out, and well executed. The courtesy caps that cap both ends of he pipe when not in use protect it from breaking if you should accidentally drop it on a hard surface. The cleaning kit makes keeping your PerfectPipe clean a snap! So easy and well thought out. I am super happy with this kit. It's definitely my go to smoking device, and it's great for travel. I cannot recommend this Perfect Pipe Travel Pack more highly! It's..well.. PERFECT!! Thanks to the Guys and Gals at Clever Smoke for coming up with the PerfectPipe Travel Pack! You guys rock!"
"Love love love this little pipe!! So much cleaner when lit. Will continue to buy these! Great customer service too. Ordered extra filters and screen, delivered quickly. Very happy with this product."
Monette M.
"I really enjoy smoking with this pipe. The filter makes such a difference. The hit is flavorful and intense. I followed the directions...short slow hits...I feel like I am smoking less because I get a better high. Cleaner for sure. No more hacking."
"This purchase was a gift. I absolutely love mine. I waited a while to use it because I had forgotten what to do but the instructions were great and it is SO easy to use and clean. I am extremely pleased and the price is certainly right. Can't beat it and if I do say so myself, it was a great gift."
"I SO love my perfect pipe! Bought the set last April and it's made a huge impact on my smoking pleasure! I no longer cough or have to take a sip of water to relax a tickle when I smoke! I keep clean pipes handy, so I always have a great taste! Filter actually slides right in! I change filters often, again, to keep a great taste! I'm amazed at the oils on the used filters... No longer are those residue oils coating my body! I toss that in the trash Cleaning is a breeze! Just alcohol! Wow! The caps work so nice... I just load a few pipes, add caps, and they are ready for a trip! So handy! Loved ordering, getting to know these folks. I show my pipe proudly! Great invention! Thanks so much!"
"I have had the opportunity to use your product several times now. AMAZING! Clean and cool tokes that are not diminished in flavor or effect in my experience. A healthier delivery for my favorite way to take my meds is exactly what the people need and what you have provided."
Eli C.
"We enjoy using your product and love the convenience it provides. There is a very smooth draw with the filter, that we appreciate. Currently, it's our favorite one hitter. Thank you for your generosity in sharing!"
Melissa R.
"It worked great! The hit was much cooler than my usual pipe hit, and much less harsh. As a former cigarette smoker, the filter was a refreshing addition since it did help with the heat and sparks. I thought it worked as claimed. It was simple and effective."
Keith M.
"Best engineered pipe I have ever used!"