Healthy Choice for Cannabis Smoking
Proudly Made In USA


  • Eliminates Burning Sparks
  • Reduces Heat
  • Increases Cannabinoid Extraction
  • Reduces Herb Usage
  • Cleans Like New - Forever
  • Discreet and Easy to Use

Developed utilizing over 40 years of Scientific Glassblowing experience.
The PerfectPipe® is made out of laboratory grade borosilicate glass on automation machines for the utmost quality. The PerfectPipe® is designed tough, yet all glass can break. Avoid tapping the PerfectPipe against glass ashtrays and hard surfaces which may crack the glass. With the Courtesy Caps installed the PerfectPipe® is nearly unbreakable. We think you will agree that glass is the best smoking medium and any occasional breakage is acceptable. We make replacements available at a very low cost. Enjoy and good health to all!

Not Available in Stores
Exclusively @ CleverSmokes
Slow Draw

You should get 4 to 6 full hits from one bowl.
If not, you are drawing way too hard.
You will be amazed how much higher extraction you get when you find the perfect Controlled Draw Velocity!

How to Use the PerfectPipe


Packing the Bowl

Use Ground Up Herb

Pack it Tight



Lighting the PerfectPipe

Do Not Inhale While Lighting

To Light – Take Short puffs
Like lighting a Cigar

Remove Flame Before Taking Hit



Smoking the PerfectPipe

Easy – Controlled Draw

4 to 6 Full Hits Per Bowl

Burn it Slow

Keep the Red Temp Low



The Micro Fiber Filter

Use a New Filter with Each Bowl

How to Change the SS Screen


To Insert Screen:

Bend Screen Just a Little

Insert Screen Into Bowl



Screen Must Fit Snug in Bowl

Leave Screen Above Top of Bowl

Very Important !
Place Tool Sideways Against Outside of Bend



Keep Tool Against this same point on the Screen

Push Screen againt far side of Bowl
Push Screen All The Way Down

Screen Will Rotate & Pop Into Place