How to Stop The Cough & Throat Burn

Proudly Made In USA
Our Patented Design Utilizes Physics to Extract High Levels of Cannabinoids and Terpenes
You Get High THC with NO BURN & NO COUGH!
By Releasing Cannabinoids Gently at Low Temperature,
With Fire Removed & The Perfect Micro Fiber Filter!
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to Remove the Flame?
  • Because Fire Kills Cannabinoids and Terpenes on Contact!
  • Fire abuse is the biggest killer of THC.
  • Light gently, short puff's like a cigar, and remove flame before taking hit
  • High Rate Extraction is achieved by taking a controlled draw with the fire removed.
  • Herb may go out between hits, which limits waste, just gently repack with blunt end of Tool and re-light.
Why a Slow Draw?
  • A hard draw produces extreme heat which destroys Cannabinoids.
  • A Slow Draw extracts Cannabinoids at high rate with gentle heat release.
  • Experiment yourself to find the perfect draw speed for optimal extraction.
Bowl Too Small You Say?
  • Not a One Hitter - With a Controlled Draw, you will get 4 to 6 powerpacked hits from One Bowl!
  • Use Ground up Herb - Gently Pack Firm ‐ Burn it Slow!
  • The PerfectPipe® High Rate Extraction reduces herb usage as much as 80%.
  • Many PerfectPipe® users report needing only one small hit.
  • Bowl holds approx. 1/2 of a joint (.4g) of packed herb.
Why a Stainless Steel Screen?
  • The Stainless Steel Screen is the first stage of micron filtration.
  • A screen is necessary for firm packing & high rate extraction.
  • Stainless Steel has a very high melting temperature. Never use brass.
Why a Micro Fiber Filter?
  • The Micro Fiber Filter is the second stage of micron filtration.
  • The filter protects you from burning particulates and significantly reduces heat & ash.
  • A new filter is used with each bowl of use for High THC/CBD delivery.
Changing The Filter
The Filter is easy to replace with our Patented PerfectPipe® Tool. If you lose your tool, don’t worry, just use metal tweezers or a drywall screw.
Filter & Screen Quick Change
Micro Fiber Filters Don’t Work on Joints!
Putting a Micro Fiber Filter on a Rolled Joint does not work! It will block THC at a high rate.
The length of herb cools the THC/Cannabinoids too low, condensing THC in the filter right from the first hit.
The PerfectPipe controls the temperature so the THC stays vaporized while passing through the filter.

How do we get high levels of THC/Cannabinoids through the Micro Fiber Filter?

The PerfectPipe® Controls the Temperature!
THC/CBD/Terpenes etc. pass through the filter just above their boiling/vaping temperature with a Controlled Draw & Fire Removed.
Cannabinoids (THC/CBD/CBN etc.) and Terpenes vaporize between 125°F & 500°F. Cooling the THC/Cannabinoids below vaping/boiling temperature converts them back to their liquid/oil state. They then fall out of the vapor stream & condense on surfaces like cooling plates (metal pipes), on top of water (Bongs/Water Pipes), on the herb & paper (Joint), etc. The PerfectPipe optimizes this science to deliver high levels of THC/CBD/CBN/etc through the micro fiber filter to you.