PerfectPipe Size

Extraction Made
Simple & Safe

The PerfectPipe® 2 Stage Filtration
No Sparks in your Throat, Ever Again!
Pack it Tight, Burn it slow
Clean - Cool - High Rate Extraction

The PerfectPipe

Golden Rules of Smoking Smart
* Hint: Do not inhale when lighting *

*Gently - Light & Remove Flame

*Easy - Draw Slowly - Keep it Cool

*Filter - Use a New Filter with Each Bowl

* Fire Kills - Do not inhale when lighting *

Please note these must do's for the PerfectPipe®

1: Always have a screen in place, stainless steel only.
2: Always put a new filter in with each new bowl of use!
3: Use ground up herb, "Pack it Tight - Burn it Slow"
4: Light without inhaling, like a cigar, puff puff. Never inhale with fire applied.
5: Draw very slowly, keeping red temperature very low.

You should get 4 to 6 hits off of one bowl.
If not, you are drawing way too hard.
You will be amazed at how much higher extraction you get when you burn it slow.

Patented Bowl Design w/Stainless Steel Screen provides 2 functions:
1)Firm Herb Packing for High Rate Extraction
2)Containment for Complete Extraction

Laboratory grade Borosilicate Glass - No burning paper!

The PerfectPipe® cleans like new
------ No more mold and bacteria! ------

Your taste buds can't function correctly when they're being burned.
This is the reason your favorite herb tastes better with the PerfectPipe®.


PerfectPipe Size

The PerfectPipe® is compact

The PerfectPipe

Be a Smart Smoker:

Use a New Filter
with Each New Bowl ! !